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Chorlton Open Gardens 2015

We are planning to hold the next Open Gardens in Chorlton on Sunday June 28th 2015. We already have offers of 7 new gardens. We also have a new feature of two alleyways. If anyone would like to volunteer their garden please contact us – preferably by the end of January.

Programmes will be on sale by the end of May at Chorlton Book Shop, Chorlton Plant Nursery, Creative Recycling on Beech Road (Wed-Sun) and Blossom Flowers on Manchester Road. If you would like a programme posted please contact us.


  1. Is the date for this year’s Open Gardens confirmed as Sunday June 26th 2016? I haven’t seen anything about it anywhere.


  2. Hello
    Do you have the date fixed for open gardens in 2016 please?
    I have been asked to avoid the date when I am organising another event.

    • It will be Sunday June 26th 2016

    • Hello
      The date this year is Sunday 26th June. Good luck with your event. Jane

      • Yes, Jane, it is June 26th, we are just trying to update the website! There are 6 new sites this year and programmes will be on sale at the end of May at the usual sites, Chorlton Bookshop, Blossom Flowers, Creative Recycling and Chorlton Plant Nursery. They will be on sale on the day at the latter two sites and Unicorn Grocery but we would urge people to buy in advance so they can plan their route and visit gardens they are interested in. Thanks for your interest and here’s hoping for sunshine on the day.

  3. Its it just okay to turn up on the day or do I need to buy tickets in advance ?

    • If you buy a programme in advance you can plan your day but they will be on sale on the day at Unicorn Grocery on Albany Road between 11am and 2pm and at Creative Recycling on Beech Road and Chorlton Plant Nursery on Vicars Road. Best wishes and here’s hoping for sunshine on the 28th.

  4. Please could you tell me if there are any plans for a disability-friendly route and/or transport between the gardens? Thank you

    • Sorry Carol there are no transport plans. In the programme all the gardens have access details. On the map in the programme you will see there are clusters of gardens fairly close to each other so hopefully it will be possible to visit those. There are no hills or steep slopes in Chorlton. Only two of us organise this event with a few volunteers on the day so facilities are basic. I do hope you are able to come and enjoy some of the sites.

  5. Please can you let me know how to get hold of a programme; I am trying to organise a trip for a few gardening enthusiasts and I need to have details of cost, where the gardens are and what there is to see. Many thanks

    • Dear Ginny,

      The cost is £5 per person. Programmes are on sale now from Chorlton Bookshop, Chorlton Nursery, Creative Recycling and Blossom Flowers.

      Or direct by post:

      Make a cheque out to ‘Freedom from Torture’ and send with a sae (A5 will take up to 3 programmes and weigh 95g) to Merryn Cooke, 15 Totnes Road, Chorlton, Manchester M21 8XF.

      Do hope the weather is kind to us and you enjoy the day.

  6. Hi there I would like to request a copy of the programme for the 2015 Open Gardens to be posted – please will you let me know how much they are and who to make the cheque payable to. Thanks,

    • Dear Linda, The cost is £5 per person. You can make the cheque out to ‘Freedom from Torture’. Please send a sae (A5) to Merryn Cooke, 15 Totnes Road, Chorlton, Manchester M21 8XF. Programmes will be ready at the end of May. Do hope the weather is kind to us and you enjoy the day.

  7. Hello,

    I’d like to volunteer my garden for the Open Gardens this year. It’s a garden restoration in progress on Brantingham Road. When we moved in 4 summers ago, we inherited a100ft south facing garden that had been totally destroyed and covered in concrete slabs and was full of building rubbish. Bit by bit we have been restoring a garden. My phone number is 0161 861 0363 and I’m Jo Heathcote. Thank you.

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